magped ENDURO

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A pair of magped ENDURO pedals

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magped ENDURO pedals

  • CNC crafted from one aluminium block
  • Pin’s are screwed “inside out”
  • reinforced spindle for even higher loads
  • Weight per pair (without pin’s):
    • ENDURO 150: 490g
    • ENDURO 200: 530g
We recommend SPD shoes with a fine to a medium coarse tread.


  • A Pair magped ENDURO pedals (L+R)
  • Magnets
  • Metalic plates for SPD shoes
  • Magnetic screws in 2 lengths
  • Allen key
  • 32 (8mm) steel pin’s
  • 16 (11mm) steel pin’s

Pins mounted inside out and must be installed individually (supplied loose)

magnet size recommendation:

  • 150N for biker up to 80 kg
  • 200N for biker >75 kg

Dimensions: length=107mm width=97mm height=16mm

8 reviews for magped ENDURO

  1. Miguel F. (verified owner)

    Works fantastic

  2. Andrew H. (verified owner)

    I’ve tried magnetic pedals before but they where heavy and clunky. Magped pedals are so much lighter, well engineered and work well. Take the time to sort you shoes and pins out for the best performance. These pedals give you the best of both worlds, security when you need it and the ability to dab a foot down quickly

  3. Wojciech (verified owner)

  4. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Great service and support. Fantastic product, grip when you want and releases when you need

  5. Robin K. (verified owner)

    Mega Pedalen kann ich nur jedem empfehlen, aber lieber die 200N Magnete kaufen wenn man wirklich die Trails herunter heizt.

  6. Ben Vogt (verified owner)

  7. Pascal (verified owner)

    On a heavy E-bike the pulling force Is a bit light, even for the 200NM. Pulling force can be a bit stronger. Also the plate under your shoes a bit bigger. So you don’t have to place your feet very precise. But it’s a nice go between for flatpanels and klickers. When flying your bike it sticks to your feet to the bike. No worries of losing the bike and landing on your feets and nuts :). And when the bike steps out in a corner and skids away. Your feet steps out easily. Instead of making rolls on the floor with your bike on your feet or twisting your ankle by being partly connected.

  8. Arawn T. (verified owner)

    I LOVE these pedals! I was hoping for them to feel the same as riding clipped in but with no fuss to get out and that’s exactly what these are like. They were great over the roots and rocks, movement in your foot to be able to “move” on the pedal without coming off the magnet and strong enough to pull up on when climbing and strong enough to pull up on when jumping.

    Finding the magnet – magped claim it to be easy to find and they are completely correct. Once you “clip in” for the first few times you get a feel for where it needs to sit. I had my plates set too far forward so was riding very much toes on the pedals but after a quick trail side cleat adjust it was spot on. I will be looking to add some of the longer pins that come with the pedals to the front of the pedals as if you dont manage to find the cleat (happened early on) your foot does slide around a little bit but again mostly adjustment on my behalf not the pedals fault… once about quarter way round I got used to it quick. My other concern was when my shoe was covered in mud and all sorts a few wandered if this would effect the magnet strength so I tested it but accidentally walking into a bog.. shoe was brown so was the pedal and the magnet still worked perfectly.

    Unclipping quickly – so this was the bit I was most nervous for which is when we miss time something and come to a standstill unexpectedly… after being nervous as had a nasty hip injury when this happened and I couldn’t get out of the cleat, these performed faultless and not once was I unable to get my foot off and my foot never got stuck.

    Quality – I will be honest, had a small issue with one of the magnets cracking before hand but magped sent a new set of magnets out to me next day and even during this Covid stuff it was here next day from Germany (I cant even get stock next day from within the uk that quick right now so massive props to them there). Replaced the damaged magnet which im unsure to how happened as I just noticed when bringing my bike home from work last week. But super easy to change and no fuss.

    Are these worth the £160 odd? For me yes they are. You get the benefit of clipping in without actually clipping in. Not once did my foot slip once I learnt the placement of my cleat on the magnet and they did exactly what magped claim they do.

    What would i like to see – i would like to see a stronger magnet option as i can see a few people would want a stronger magnet for even better shoe to pedal contact. I would also like to see maybe 2 cleat shims and longer bolts come with the pedals as mine are just about right fitted with the cleat and shim and the longer bolts and my shoes are the shimano am9 so doesn’t come much flatter than that shoe.. lastly maybe if the tech will allow them, make a thinner pedal. By todays “standards” it’s a thick pedal but it didnt bother me personally.

    All in all, amazing pedal!

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