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reflector set

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EU approved reflectors for the magped SPORT2, ULTRA and ULTRA2 pedal

consisting of 4 reflectors

Only suitable for magped SPORT2, ULTRA and ULTRA2! 

The reflectors must be glued to the pedals by the client!

18 reviews for reflector

  1. Abhijit (verified owner)

  2. Vasco Sampaio (verified owner)

  3. Justin (verified owner)

    They really finish the look of the pedals.I do think you should sell the pedal with the reflectors attached.

  4. Michael (verified owner)

  5. Jorge H. (verified owner)

  6. David Hall (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and does the job

  7. Paolo D. (verified owner)


  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Klaus K. (verified owner)

    Magped should develop a solution, which shouldn’t be glued on (you are good with magnets…. and screws) and which should fit uniformly to all pedals from Magped. Takes PM planning, but is doable on a longer horizon and is needed for safety measures for road bikes.

  10. Manfred N. (verified owner)

  11. Cf Van Neer (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Maite Martín Sanchez (verified owner)

  14. David Jelínek (verified owner)

    You have to fix on pedal by glue, or tape

  15. Ramona (verified owner)

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