spare part set

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spare part set

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for magped SPORT, ENDURO and ROAD


  • 2x sylomer damper
  • 2x sleeves for magnet attachment
  • 2x screws for magnet attachment

14 reviews for spare part set

  1. ROD JANDOC JR (verified owner)

  2. Jeannie (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery and great customer service.

  3. francois p. (verified owner)

    Font le boulot !

  4. Guillermo H. (verified owner)

    I have bought these spare parts because I have lost the nut of one pedal. All the rest (treatment, services, etc….) have been perfect.

  5. Fotis (verified owner)

    Even though they made a mistake, they send the correct items just the day after ! Impressive response

  6. dylan lefeuvre (verified owner)

    Corresponding to my order, in my storage in case of damage . Really useful to have all spare parts available to keep the pedals as long as possible.

  7. Joao Lagos (verified owner)

    Superfast delivery, would order from Magped again. 100% satisfaction!

  8. Guan Lee Ang (verified owner)

    Like derailleur hangars, I always keep spares so that i can enjoy Magped on every ride!

  9. Roberto G. (verified owner)

    Assistenza e prodotti sempre al top, consiglio a tutti di acquistare senza problemi

  10. nigel s. (verified owner)

    Impressed with the speed of delivery. Ordered from UK via website on Monday and arrived from Germany on Friday and back on bike for Saturday ride.

    It would have been useful to include washers with the fixings as I lost that too. I had one in my tool box so not a problem.

    Thanks Magped!

  11. EUGENIO A. (verified owner)

  12. Stephen Harding (verified owner)

    The parts came quickly and were the correct parts. Well done

  13. Sonja B. (verified owner)

    Thank you for your advice and the fast delivery!

  14. Miguel F. (verified owner)

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