STRONG shoe plates

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A Pair of metallic STRONG shoe plates

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for magped SPORT, SPROT2, ENDURO and ULTRA

Increases the attraction force of the 200 N magnets by extra 30%.
Please note: no attraction increase for 150 and 100 N magnets


Weight: 32g per plate


  • A Pair of metallic STRONG plates for SPD shoes (L+R)
  • A Pair of plastic plates
  • Magnetic screws in 2 lengths

33 reviews for STRONG shoe plates


  2. Eros Muzzolon (verified owner)

  3. Rui G. (verified owner)

    Expected a stronger feel, but is surely working for me.

  4. Jhun (verified owner)

    Very good product. Attached excellently with the magnet and does not easily get loose during jumps.

  5. Lionel Lantier (verified owner)

  6. giovanni de luca (verified owner)

    Veloci e disponibili, ricambi prezzi ok

  7. Jhun C. Aguasin (verified owner)

    Very good plates

  8. Klaus K. (verified owner)

    fast and competent assistance. Same day I raise my question/problem I get the answer, put in the order and the next day the order is on the way to me. Perfect service

  9. Dustin Hawkes (verified owner)

  10. Silke (verified owner)

  11. Gianfranco D. (verified owner)


  12. francois p. (verified owner)

    Très bien, juste un peu plus épaisses que les cales de base l’effort est plus important.

  13. Erasmo (verified owner)

    Awesome…..i feel myself stucked to the bike and safe

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. terry tang (verified owner)

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