STRONG shoe plates

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A Pair of metallic STRONG shoe plates

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for magped SPORT, SPROT2, ENDURO and ULTRA

increases the pulling force of the magnet by approx. 30%

Weight: 32g per plate


  • A Pair of metallic STRONG plates for SPD shoes (L+R)
  • A Pair of plastic plates
  • Magnetic screws in 2 lengths

19 reviews for STRONG shoe plates

  1. terry tang (verified owner)

  2. John Rowbotham (verified owner)

    Did you know if you mark your packets under a value of £39 as gifts they don’t need customs clearance? It took DHL 3 days to deliver my parcel after it arrived in the uk!!!!

    • Admin (store manager)

      sorry no – we didn‘t know that.

  3. VASSILIS (verified owner)

    Great products, great company and customer service. Highly reccomended!

  4. Pedro Leite (verified owner)

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    Definitely provide a more positive engagement, whilst still allowing for quick dismounts when required.

  6. IVAN CABRERA CAMALICH (verified owner)

    Strong and good quality

  7. Víctor Molina (verified owner)

    As stronger as the mechanical system.

  8. Borja Cortasa Eyre (verified owner)

    Good product but i need to to compensate the new hight, because now my shoes do not push as tight as before with the pedal pins

    • Admin (store manager)

      Hi Borja!
      You can remove the plastic spacer between the STRONG plate and the shoe or you can screw up the magnet 1mm.

      :: Paul

  9. Nils Nordén (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations.

  10. Elon M. (verified owner)

  11. dylan lefeuvre (verified owner)

    Really satisfy with this plate ! A very important upgrade of the combo pedals/shoes ! I can’t not tell it accurately but the 30% of more magbetic force are here . And with the plastic center plates my feet are more free to spin arounde the magnet, Also i can find the same positions everytime on the pedals and quicker than before (with original plates ). That increasing pulling force during pedalling but keep the removal easy and fast.

  12. Adrian van Heeswijk (verified owner)

    They fully do what they are expected to do. Very strong, solid.

  13. Hans Dimitz (verified owner)

    Perfekte Platzierung besserer Halt

  14. Fabian B. (verified owner)

  15. M INGLIS (verified owner)

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