magped SPORT2

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a pair of magped SPORT2 pedals

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magped SPORT2 pedals includes:

  • A Pair of magped SPORT2 pedals (L+R)
  • Magnets
  • Metalic plates for SPD shoes
  • Magnetic screws in 2 lengths
  • Allen key

Weight per pair:

  • SPORT 100: 420g
  • SPORT 150: 440g
  • SPORT 200: 458g

magnet size recommendation:

  • 100N for biker <65 kg
  • 150N for biker 65-90 kg
  • 200N for biker >75 kg and ENDURO

Dimensions: length=104mm width=92mm height=18mm

We recommend SPD shoes with a fine to a medium coarse tread.

Important notice for the use of bike pedal reflectors: The use of bike pedal reflectors is legally regulated in most countries but there are no standardized regulations throughout the EU. Specifically the use of pedal reflectors is mandatory frequently on many public roads.  For some of our models we offer a reflector upgrade kit and recommend the use of these reflectors. Please check the regulations in your country and use die pedals only in accordance with local regulations and laws.

18 reviews for magped SPORT2

  1. Jan (verified owner)

  2. Brian Lambert (verified owner)

    Best product I have seen on the market for cycling for years . They are amazing safe and easy to setup . Well worth it

  3. luc vandeweyer (verified owner)

  4. Juan Antonio Garcia Sanchez (verified owner)

    The Sport2 pedals are fine, but they would be better with a magnet on both sides in this model. It would also be better if the nails were adjustable as in the Enduro model but with an Allen head, it is more standard, who has a female Torx tool?
    The Sport2 model with double magnet and easily adjustable nails, would be a good improvement.

  5. Katharina (verified owner)

    love the pink color so much. great product!

  6. Víctor Molina (verified owner)

    The future of the pedals is here!!! Amazing products.

  7. David Thörig (verified owner)

    I think this is the best solution, when I have to choose between flat platform pedal or clipless. Quality and service is superb!

  8. Michel Klein Overmeen (verified owner)

    First order was fast, but without extra strong shoeplates. I am still waiting for my second order. All together are the pedals for me a bit to expensive compared to normal spd pedals.

  9. jean luc lefebvre (verified owner)

  10. Elon M. (verified owner)

  11. Paolo (verified owner)

    Good stuff and customer service. I’ll advise to my friends

  12. Andrea (verified owner)

    I have always been hesitant to buy SPD pedals as I was worried that I will not be able to disengage as quick as I would have liked, especially in traffic. Then a friend suggested I try the Magped pedals. When I tried them for the first time a new world opened in front of me. My cycling experience is now sooooo much better and you can disengage very easily, but when you ride your foot is firmly in place. I definitely recommend them to anyone wishes to upgrade her/his cycling performance. By the way, customer care at Magped is first class!

  13. Gerco Verkade (verified owner)

    Geachte heren van Magped ik ben zeer tevreden over mijn nieuwe pedalen. Ik wou dat ik ze eerder gevonden had.
    10 x beter dan shimano kliksysteem.
    Waar ik toch regelmatig meegevallen ben. Misschien dat het met afstelling te makken heeft gehad.
    Maar met deze magped pedalen is uitkomst. Ik kan iedereen aanraden om deze pedalen te gaan gebruiken. En kwa prijs hangt om het even.
    Ik ben geen pro.
    Het is misschien heel even wennen, maar met half uurtje had ik het onder de knie hoe het werkt.
    Heren van Magped u levert een top product, die zijn mannetje staat.


    Met de vriendelijke groeten van Gerco Verkade uit Nederland.

    Ik wens jullie dan ook een gezond 2021 toe

    P.S mocht ik spullen nodig hebben dan weet ik jullie te vinden.

  14. David Jelínek (verified owner)

    Nice product, very good support from MAGPED – thank’s

  15. Roberto Freitas (verified owner)

    Muy fáciles de usar y muy seguros

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